Support for victims of the war in Ukraine

Yesterday, the UK government announced a new visa extension scheme for Ukrainians who sought sanctuary in the UK in the aftermath of Russia’s illegal invasion, reaffirming our commitment to those who are still fighting to defend the principles of freedom and democracy.

  • Almost two years on, the cost of Putin’s war in Ukraine is being felt across the world, from increased energy bills to food prices – so it is only right that we continue to stand with our allies. That is why we must keep providing certainty for those Ukrainians in the UK fleeing the conflict and reassurance to their loved ones on the front lines defending their country.
  • We will not falter from our commitment to Ukraine, in their darkest hour and in the better times to come. We will continue to provide the assurances Ukrainians needs for the long term whilst ensuring the British people remain in control of who comes here.


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