Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cameron on Corbyn

PMQs this afternoon was another session of DC knocking the bowling from Jeremy Corbyn to the boundary in all directions.

It had been suggested in some quarters that a competent opposition leader should have been able to embarrass the government over the Google tax deal. I am not sure I agree, as David Cameron could reasonably have argued that this week a Conservative government finally managed to claw back some of the tax Google should have paid under the last Labour government.

As it was the Labour leadership laid themselves open to this:

The best Labour could do in response was to infer that the use of the word "bunch" in the quote above was racist. Last time I looked "bunch" was not a pejorative term.

It's going to be a long four years and eight months for the Labour party ...


Jim said...

Personally I have nothing against Google, or Amazon for making use of the tax laws they have found. The tax system is deliberately very complex, in order to Hide the true amount paid by people, the answer I think is to reform it so its simple, not more complex.

I did once do a Hypothetical break down exercise where by I earned £100 for a saturday Job, And spent it on a tank full of of fuel.

If i remember rightly It ended up as something like £20 i spent on fuel, the rest went in tax, be it income/NI/Fuel duty/VAT on Fuel and VAT on fuel duty.

Also Tax evasion is one thing, but this term of "agressive tax avoidance" is daft to me, Its like aggressive sticking to the speed limit.

Jim said...

I quite like the quote and am not sure who said it, but its Tax evasion is an offence, Tax avoidance is a citizens duty

Chris Whiteside said...

It should be the aim of government to design the tax system so that it is as simple as possible and has as few loopholes as possible so that "aggressive tax avoidance" ceases to be an issue.

Of course, that is easier said than done ...

Jim said...

Why is it? why is it easier said than done?

Its just a case of being honest, eliminating some taxes and increasing others. Lets say just put the whole lot on income tax and business rates.

Ok the rate is sky high, and appears to be to, Its transparent and its honest.