Sunday, January 17, 2016

Seven options if Britain votes to leave

The Centre for European Reform has published an interesting paper on what they see as the seven alternatives if the UK votes to leave the European Union.

I suspect most supporters of Brexit may see this paper as too pessimistic and there may be alternative views about some of the options, but this paper does appear to me to be a good starting point to consider the options.

You can read it at


Jim said...

Yes it gives 7 options, but neglects the obvious point. That is over 40 years of Integration can not be undone over night, Exit is a process not an event. So it gleefully overlooks the obvious choice of a staged withdrawal and presents every "first step" as the end point.

Kind of like a travel agent taking you to the departure lounge at Manchester Airport and saying "and this is where our opponents will take you on holiday"

Jim said...

We all want to get our holiday gear, get on the star trek transporter pad, and beam to the Bahama's. But sadly, here in the real world that is not an option. so we have to get to airport, we have to get through security, sit at the departure lounge, get on the aircraft, sit there for a few hours, land, get off, do customs, get to hotel, check in, get to room - then we can begin to enjoy the holiday we wanted.

A good travel agent will tell you all of this and will make it clear in the brochure.

pretty much like i did with our Brexit Brochure