Friday, January 22, 2016

Quote of the day 22nd January 2016

"where does Corbyn come from? What the hell is he thinking about?
“There isn’t any fundamental connection with any kind of intellectual argument there. Again and again it’s a mantra."

“Look, I have nothing against the man. I am sure he is an absolutely public-spirited, well-meaning, nice individual with all sorts of moral values that perhaps I don’t have. But actually that’s not what you want from a politician. What you want actually is judgement, discernment, you want understanding and you actually want education. You want someone who has actually got the tools to really dissect the argument effectively and I’m not convinced that our leadership has that unfortunately.”

(Doctor, TV Personality and Labour peer Lord Winston quoted at: )

He added:

"Most of the Labour members in this House, I think, feel completely disconnected, totally isolated. We feel as if we are on the Maldives at the moment. We could be in the middle of the ocean somewhere."

“We don’t feel that we are able to feed in properly, we don’t feel that we have any effect on policy judgments, we don’t feel that policy is being made properly and we don’t feel that there is any understanding of what we could do.”

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