Saturday, January 09, 2016

London in May - all to play for

London is the one part of the country which, more than anywhere else anyway, much of the present Labour leadership is familiar with. It has been pointed out that there are now more Islington MPs in the Shadow cabinet than there are from the North East (which used to be considered Labour's heartland.)

Labour's recent electoral drought has also been less pronounced in London than in most of the rest of the capital and many pundits have been predicting that when Boris Johnson steps down in June Labour may win the mayoralty back.

Well, only a fool would deny that it could happen. The last few London Mayor elections have been fairly close.

On the other hand it might not, too. There are people all over the country who are not very impressed with Corbyn's Labour party, and that won't have got any better this week - sacking a man for condemning terrorism will have been as unpopular in London as it has been everywhere else in the country (including among Labour MPs).

And Labour's candidate for Mayor Sadiq Khan nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader (although I'm told he actually voted for Andy Burnham.)

 There is an excellent article by Tom Waterhouse with

Ten reasons you shouldn't bet against Zac Goldsmith winning London,

which ends with the words "It's all to play for."

Yes, it is.

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