Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quote of the day 26th January 2016

“So, what made you leave ... Parliament?”

(Interviewer Robbie Savage to Ed Balls)


Balls began his answer with the words "The electorate."

I could accuse him of many things but lacking a sense of humour would never have been one of them. Never thought I would feel sorry for him either, but honestly ...


Jim said...

For all his faults, and whilst he was in parliament there were far too many of those to list, When he did lose his seat, He showed a great respect and he took it well, He actually acted like a statesman on the stage that night.

Whilst I am not, and never will be sorry to lose the man professionally from the system. He showed a lot of courage, and accepted his defeat with honor.

I dont feel sorry for him losing his old position, But I am glad he has found his new passion, and is enjoying his new job, also he kept his chin up and his answer "the electorate" and "who got the better deal" shows he has a sense of humor.

As a person Ed Balls seems a pretty nice bloke, In the SW1 as a politician I hated his polices.

I for one hope he has many happy years as chairman of Norwich City.

Chris Whiteside said...

I agree with all of that - there does not seem to be anything wrong with him when he's not talking about politics!