Friday, January 29, 2016

Quote of the day 29th January 2016

A story from Ed Balls, repeated by John Rentoul ...

"In 2006, Tony Blair, who still refused to give Gordon Brown a date for the handover, agreed to make Balls, a new MP who had been Brown's adviser, a minister. So when the reshuffle started, Balls was expecting the call. As usual with Blair's reshuffles, though, things went a bit wrong, and it was 24 hours later that the call finally came through to Balls's constituency home in Yorkshire.
"I have the Prime Minister for you," said the Downing Street switchboard.

"Hello Ed," said the Prime Minister.

"Hello, Prime Minister," said Ed, although he had always called him Tony before.

"I want you to join the Government," said Blair. "It may not be what you're expecting. It's Northern Ireland."

Balls, his mind reeling with shock as he contemplated the upheaval, how he would manage with the children and the security, managed to say: "It would be a privilege, Prime Minister." In fact, he added: "It's what I've always wanted."

There was a pause.

Then a roar of triumph from the other end. "Gotcha! It's the Treasury." Click. Dialling tone. "…/daily-catch-up-ed-balls-on-t…

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