Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dan Hodges finally (pretty much) keeps his promise to streak down Whitehall ..

A number of people made some very rash promises about what they would do if particular things happened at last year's general election.

Katie Hopkins promised to emigrate if Labour won

* but they didn't so she wasn't called on this promise, which had provided one of my most nervous moments of the election ...

Paul O'Grady promised to emigrate to Venice if the Conservatives won.

* they did: he didn't. In October he blamed Venice property prices for his decision

Paddy Ashdown promised to eat his hat live on TV if the BBC exit poll turned out to be right

* it was pretty close, and insofar as it was wrong the actual results were even worse for his party. He did eat a what was described as a chocolate hat  - it looks like a chocolate cake in the shape of a hat to me on the programme.

Alastair Campbell promised to eat his kilt if the BBC exit poll turned out to be right

* he ate a "chocolate kilt" at the same time as Paddy Ashdown ate the "chocolate hat" 

Dan Hodges promised to streak naked down Whitehall wearing a Nigel Farage mask and singing "Land of Hope and Glory" if UKIP broke 6% in the general election.

* They managed 12%. A few days ago Dan finally did run down Whitehall wearing just his briefs, and did so to raise money for two charities, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope and the Terrence Higgins Trust.

He wasn't quite naked, or wearing a Nigel Farage mask - does anyone know where you can get them? - and the report here doesn't say whether he was singing "Land of Hope and Glory" but I reckon he came much closer to keeping the spirit of his promise than Alastair or Paddy, and certainly much closer than Paul O'Grady.

I generally try not to predict election results and after GE15 will be trying even harder to avoid making similar rash promises!


Jim said...

there you go

Jim said...


You have to love that warning, "this toy does not provide protection"

Chris Whiteside said...

Thank you - I should have known Amazon would sell them !