Saturday, January 09, 2016

Quote of the day 9th January 2016

"Labour is no longer the party of which I’ve been a member for 32 years. It more closely resembles CND or – God help us all – the Stop The War Coalition. The shadow cabinet now has more MPs from Islington than it does from the whole North East.
"There has always been a disconnect between the main parties and the electorate. The political disease is in imagining that your own peculiar obsessions and passions are reflected in voters. So when Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, decides to appoint a unilateralist, Emily Thornberry, as his shadow defence secretary, he imagines that up and down the country, voters are applauding his principle and insight.
"They’re doing nothing of the sort, of course. They’re giving up on any hope that Labour can ever be trusted again with the defence of the realm."

(Former Labour MP Tom Harris in an article which you can read here.)

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