Friday, January 29, 2016

Road problems expected in Barrow area this afternoon

DELAYS of up to three hours are being expected today as a slow moving "abnormal load" is be moved from Barrow to Lindal.

Motorists are being advised by Cumbria Police to expect delays due to a trial run for an exercise to move an extremely heavy load from Barrow to Lindal.

The movement was scheduled to start at noon with the load due to travel from Ramsden Dock Road, along Park Road and the A590 before reaching Lindal. Motorists have been warned they should expect delays until around 3pm.

The movement is expected to cause particular problems for the shipyard workforce, the vast majority of which finish at 12.30pm on a Friday.

The North West Evening Mail says they understand the delays today are part of a 'trial run' for the real abnormal load, which is due to be transported by road in around two weeks' time. It is believed the transportation will not take as long as three hours.

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Jim said...

Great planners of our time. When shall we do this trial, bear in mind it will cause most diruption Betten 3 and 4 Pm on Mon - Thur and 12 - 1 on Friday.

- I know lets do it at noon on Friday. Got to love project planners at times