Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Cumbria-Wide Conservative Association approved by members

The ballot of members of the Conservative party in Cumbria on proposals for a Cumbria-Wide Conservative Association (within the Feldman review structure, a pilot MCA) was counted and declared at the Kendal office this afternoon.

None of the Copeland officers were able to attend as we are just a little bit busy with a certain parliamentary by-election at the moment but I understand the proposal received overwhelming support from the members who voted.

About half of members returned their ballot papers and of those who did, more than 90% of votes were cast in favour of setting up a Cumbria-Wide Conservative Association with large majorities in all six constituencies.

The two PCC elections and the current Copeland by-election have shown how much we can achieve when we all work together, with fantastic support still pouring into Copeland from the rest of the county. I look forward to working more closely with colleagues from all over Cumbria in future elections too, both the rest of the present Copeland campaign and  then the Cumbria County Council elections in May.

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