Friday, February 03, 2017

The Copeland by election cardiovascular workout ...

In the past 72 hours I have been out campaigning to elect Trudy Harrison as Copeland's next MP up and down hills, steps and drives in Hensingham, Valley park, Bransty Hill, and Hensingham again.

Hasn't done a great deal for my work-life balance but I think this campaign is doing a great deal of good for my cardiovascular health. If I have not lost at least a stone by the time it finishes in three week's time I shall be most disappointed!

And to benefit from the Copeland By Election cardiovascular workout tomorrow (Saturday 4th February) come and campaign for Trudy Harrison meeting at Keswick, Egremont or Millom Conservative Club from 10.30 am tomorrow morning!


Jim said...

Bransty Hill is the killer there, especially if you park at Tesco (after buying something from Tesco first, of course :-)

Chris Whiteside said...

Agreed, but other parts of Bransty ward are similar (and I speak as a former Bransty councillor) and Valley Park and Hensingham are not exactly flat either!