Saturday, May 19, 2018

Appointments to the House of Lords

Theresa May put forward a shirt list of nominees to the House of Lords yesterday: there were nine Conservatives, three Labour, and one DUP nominations for peerages, thirteen in total.

This takes the total number of peerages created since she became PM in 2016 to 24, but as the membership of the House of Lords has been reduced by 35 resignations and deaths since last year's general election, it represents a net reduction of 22 seats in the upper house.

Interesting to compare the numbers of peers created under her three predecessors between 1997 and 2016 (I've not included David Cameron's resignation honours list below to avoid a double count. Source for the information is a report from the House of Lords library available online here.)

Tony Blair (May 1997–June 2007)

Peerages created:
Conservative 62
Labour 162
Liberal Democrat 54
Independent/Crossbench/other 96  

Total 374

Gordon Brown (June 2007–May 2010)

Peerages created:
Conservative 4
Labour 11
Liberal Democrat 2
Independent/Crossbench/other 17  

Total 34

David Cameron (May 2010–January 2016)

Peerages created
Conservative 109
Labour 55
Liberal Democrat 51
Independent/Crossbench/other 29    

Total 244

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