Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"Murdered" journalist turns up alive ...

Bad news for everyone who groans when you see a post on social media from people who are naïve enough to believe everything that the Russian regime says.

On the same morning that a British citizen and campaigner against corruption in Russia was briefly detained in Spain (but promptly released) when the Russian government made their SIXTH attempt to have him arrested on trumped up charges, another Putin critic who had apparently been murdered turned up alive at a press conference admitting he and the Ukrainians staged the whole thing.

There has been much humorous speculation about how long Arkady Babchenko will stay alive after his wife gets her hands on him (as he apparently omitted to let her in on the news that he was working with Ukrainian security to fake his assassination.)

His actions were supposedly part of a trick to catch people who were really trying to kill him, which appears to have been lifted from the plot of a "Batman" film.

But I can just see what's coming - every time you point to one of the large number of critics of Vladimir Putin who really has died in highly suspicious circumstances, those who are determined to believe that that nice Mr Putin couldn't possibly have done anything naughty

- a belief which has survived him breaking Russia's promises to protect the borders of Ukraine by stealing the Crimea and starting a war, evidence that the Russians really did shoot down Malaysian airliner MH17, the Russian regime bombing hospitals in Syria, attempting to interfere in elections around the world, and murdering or trying to murder people here in Britain -

will be able to say "perhaps they faked their own death like Arkady Babchenko." Aaaargh!

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