Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Nick Cohen on Putin's fellow-travellers on right and left

While looking for something else on the Spectator website I found a piece by Nick Cohen about those in the West on both left and right of the political spectrum who are not nearly sceptical enough about the Putin regime which I found particularly apt.

Despite having been written last November, before the Salisbury poisonings, the latest round of bloodshed in Syria, or news that Putin's regime attempted to intervene on Jeremy Corbyn's behalf in the 2017 UK general election, the article "Putin's cranks and creeps are winning the day" is both thought-provoking and topical.

There is no reason why Britain and Russia have to be enemies. Our countries were allied in more wars over the past two hundred years or so than those in which we fought, most recently in the second world war when many British sailors - my uncle among them - risked their lives in dire conditions to take Russia war materials to help their heroic resistance against the Nazi threat.

And under a more responsible regime with a better understanding of their country's long-terms interests Britain and Russia could again be friends and allies.

Sadly the present Russian regime is systematically attempting to divide and disrupt the West and has no scruples whatsoever in how it goes about this.

You don't have to disagree with all the causes which Putin has, for his own reasons, supported to realise that anyone who sups with this particular devil needs a very long spoon.

You can read Nick Cohen's article here if you are registered - you don't need to be a paying subscriber - on the Spectator site.

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