Friday, May 04, 2018

Cumbria's 2018 election results

On a day of mixed political fortunes around the country the Conservatives in Cumbria have made modest but positive advances in the two local authorities which had elections yesterday.


In Carlisle just one seat changed hands:

New Conservative councillor Rob Currie won Yewdale ward from Labour, converting a Labour majority of 276 in 2014 into a Conservative majority of 91 yesterday. Congratulations to Rob and his fellow Conservative councillors elected or re-elected yesterday. Commiserations to candidates who were unsuccessful.

Carlisle City Council remains hung, with 25 Labour, 22 Conservative, four Independent and one Lib/Dem councillors.

Full Carlisle results can be found here.

South Lakeland District Council

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) had gone through boundary changes and therefore had an unusual "all out" election with every seat up for grabs instead of a third of the seats coming up at a time.

Many of the wards have been merged so that where there had been 45 wards electing a total of  51 councillors, mostly in single member wards, there are now 18 wards, most of which elect three councillors (and the remainder two councillors). In places sitting councillors of different political persuasions found themselves in competition for merged seats.

The Conservatives in South Lakeland gained four seats from the Lib/Dems but lost one to Labour, while the Lib/Dems picked up a seat from the previous Independent member on the council and recovered a seat which had been vacant.

Again, congratulations to all the elected or re-elected Conservative councillors. Commiserations to those who lost, particularly Norman Bishop-Rowe who lost out to Labour in the merged Ulverston East seat.

Where just before the election SLDC had 31 Lib Dems, 16 Conservative, two Labour and one Independent councillors, and there was one vacant seat, the council now has 29 Liberal Democrats, 19 Conservative and three Labour councillors.

(That vacant seat caused a bit of confusion in some press reports, including the one on the BBC website, because some journalists missed that there had been a vacant seat and subtracted the Lib/Dem net loss of three seats from their position of 31 councillors just before the election and wrongly reported that the Lib/Dems now had 28 councillors rather than 29.)

Full SLDC results can be found here and an analysis in the Westmorland Gazette here.

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