Thursday, May 17, 2018

Quote of the day 17th May 2018


Jim said...

Here is an interesting question, Due to my allergy (its acually sesame seeds and oil that cause it) I carry 2 epipens at all times.
here is the kicker, you see Anna is a complete b**ch, and she has also destroyed my Thyroid wilst we were still working on what the cause was. So I have to take thyroxine now. but this gives me an exemption to the prescription charge.

Now i have my exemption, the question i want to raise is why does its not just apply to Thyroxine and Epipen? I am, of course fully aware that it will cost me more to pay for any other prescription, (I have to take anti histimine each morning too) but it just strikes me as silly, thats its an all or nothing rule. Hell even my brother who takes heart tablet (beta blockers) cant get them free so pays a yearly charge

FWIW I do agree that free Thyroxine is a good a thing, and so would be free epipen. but that should not apply to anything else i ever need.

Chris Whiteside said...

Everything you say is entirely logical.

I suspect someone in the bureaucracy decided that if someone has a valid reason to need and can be trusted with an exemption on one drug, it was more trouble than it was worth not to just give them a general exemption.

Jim said...

Things like this do concern me as I know the tendency for people to go completely OTT.

At its initial inception the NHS had no prescription charge, but it lead to people taking the Micky and wanting things like cotton wool on prescription. This of course ended in the introduction of the prescription charge.

I think i will stick to my guns on it and continue to buy medicine that is available over the counter for around £2, rather than expect the taxpayer to fund it (which of course will be much more expensive to them). Its just an issue i figured was worth bringing up.

Chris Whiteside said...

I take your point!