Friday, May 04, 2018

The normalisation of extremism

James Bickerton has an interesting article on the Reactions site which argues that political extremism - e.g. talking about your opponents in the language of hate and threats of violence, defending those who actually use violence - has ceased to be unacceptable in Britain.

The article begins as follows:

"We used to pride ourselves, in Britain, on not doing political extremism. This was something that took place overseas, to be learned about from anxious BBC reporters. The appeal of radical left and radical right, or anyone else who waved their flags a little too aggressively, was largely lost on us. Men with silly uniforms, and sillier ideas, were ignored if they were lucky, and mocked if they weren’t.

Of all the nations of Europe few rejected the zealots as resolutely and comprehensively as Britain.

This, I regret to say, is no longer the case."

Sadly he is able to present evidence to make a strong argument in support of that view.

You can read his article here.

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