Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Further action to support Ukraine

Today the UK announced £88 million of additional aid for Ukraine as the Prime Minister travels for discussions with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy – amidst Russia’s continued aggression. 

  • The UK has long been a staunch supporter of Ukraine, providing training to over 22,000 Ukrainian troops and a new defensive package. We will continue to do all we can to support her sovereignty.
  • That is why today the Prime Minister will travel to Ukraine for discussions with President Zelenskyy, and why we have also announced new measures to support the country, including £88 million of new funding to help end Ukraine’s reliance on Russian energy supplies.
  • Yesterday we announced new legislation to expand the UK’s sanctions regime on Russian individuals and organisations linked to the Kremlin, strengthening our hand against Russian aggression.
  • We are proud to be stepping up to take the lead in defence of freedom and democracy through credible deterrence and diplomacy, and by joining forces with our allies, we will show that there can never be rewards for aggression.

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