Third Vaccine Dose update

The government has accepted the recommendation of the JCVI to offer a third vaccine dose to those with severely weakened immune systems – to further protect the most vulnerable against serious illness.

  • We know that people with specific conditions are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 and may have less protection from two vaccine doses.
  • That is why, following advice from the JCVI, the NHS will now offer a third vaccine dose to people aged 12 and over with severely weakened immune systems. This is not the start of the booster programme – the government and NHS continue to plan for this to begin in September to ensure the protection people have built up from vaccines is maintained over time ahead of the winter.
  • Britain's vaccine programme has saved over 105,000 lives and prevented 24 million infections - and this step will help to build a stronger wall of defence to protect people from serious illness.


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