PM's speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet

This evening the Prime Minister addressed the Lord Mayor’s Banquet at Guildhall, setting out his vision for a dynamic foreign policy that will keep us safe and promote our values abroad while strengthening our economy at home.

  • If we want to stand up for our values and take on global competitors like Russia and China, we need to plan for the long-term, reinvigorate our international relationships and deliver a stronger economy at home – which is the foundation of our strength abroad.
  • That is why the Prime Minister set out his vision of Britain’s foreign policy in an address to the Lord Mayor’s Banquet – which includes standing with Ukraine, strengthening ties with Europe and the Indo-Pacific, and updating the Integrated Review so we have a long-term vision for foreign policy.
  • We will protect our interests abroad while promoting our values of freedom, openness and the rule of law – keeping us safe around the world while strengthening our foundations at home.


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