Report on the G20 summit

Yesterday the Prime Minister provided an update on the G20 summit in Indonesia, as Britain stands up for the principles of sovereignty and self-determination and build a global economy that is more secure, stable and resilient.

  • By turning off the gas taps and choking off the Ukrainian grain supply Russia has severely disrupted global food and energy markets – creating economic shockwaves that will ripple around the world for years to come.
  • That is why Britain is working closely with the G7, our NATO counterparts, and our allies in the G20, to redouble our support for Ukraine and continue deepening our cooperation on energy security and managing the challenges posed by Russia and China – by being strong abroad, we strengthen our resilience at home.
  • With our international partners, we have a shared determination to restore stability, deliver long-term growth and drive a better future, one where no single country has the power to hold us back.


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