Quote of the day 12th November 2022

I don't usually re-use a quote so quickly, but even though I used Winstonn Churchill's words below about the victory at El Alamein quite recently, it is so much the obvious response to the Liberation of Kherson that I feel justified in using this quote again. 

For all that the Russians pulled out their troops in Kherson before they could all be killed or captured, and the withdrawal of forces itself - far and away the most difficult military operation to execute - appears to be one of the vanishingly few military actions since February which the Russian army has executed with something resembling basic competence, the need to withdraw is a massive strategic and moral blow to Russia and a massive boost to Ukraine. 

It is arguably the most serious defeat for Russian arms since World War II. 

Six weeks ago President Putin held a big ceremony at which he illegally claimed to annex four occupied provinces of Ukraine, including Kherson, and that they would "forever" be part of Russia.

Today the world watched as the residents of Kherson, weeping tears of joy, waving Ukrainian flags and hugging every Ukrainian service man or woman they could reach, welcomed the armed forces of Ukraine back into their city - the one provincial capital Russia had taken in nine months of bitterly contested fighting.

The Liberation of Kherson is as important a milestone for Ukraine on their path to eventual victory against Putin's illegal invasion of their country as the defeat of Rommel at El Alamein was on the path to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

There is a long way to go to that victory, but as Churchill said, 



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