Sunday, February 28, 2016

Apparently he didn't get the message ...

Labour MPs were supposed to be campaigning against Brexit yesterday.

However, their leader decided to campaign against Trident and it's replacement instead.

Evidently treating the party of which he is leader with the same disdain he has for the thousands of people in Barrow and Copeland who would lose their jobs if that policy were accepted.

I don't always agree with the GMB union but when they accused him of "playing student politics" on this one they nailed it.

The GMB's Scottish secretary told a meeting of the union's members in Newcastle, referring to Corbyn and the anti-trident members of the shadow cabinet, that

"They want to cancel the renewal of Trident, whatever the consequences.

"For these armchair generals playing their student politics as they sip lattes in Holyrood and Islington, none of this matters."

"Well, the GMB says you do matter and we’re going to give these professional posers the fight of their lives.

"Failing to renew Trident is wrong on so many levels. Whether the professional posers with their brand of student politics accept it or not the people of this country do believe Trident makes us more secure."

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