Tuesday, February 23, 2016

EU referendum 1975: Michael Cockerell - will history repeat itself?

This collection of films by Michael Cockerell, mostly made at the time of the previous "In Out" referendum in 1975 on what is now called the EU and was then called the Common Market, is fascinating. There are an extraordinary number of parallels between 1975 and 2016 - sometimes switched between right and left.

I remembered that Mrs Thatcher had been on the "Remain" side at the time but had forgotten how strongly.

The main difference is that where forty years ago the whole of the media were strongly against leaving the EU this time most of them are pro-Brexit - although of course the MSM is much less powerful now, and in the media as a whole I think both sides should be able to get a fair hearing.

This was the outcome for the last British PM to call such a referendum, as depicted by the cartoonist Cummings. Will history repeat itself?

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Jim said...

Very fitting, 16th of March* is close enough to the ides for this to be good.

16th March is the Launch date for the Leave Alliance. A Leave campaign, consisting of Futurus, The Bruges Group, Campaign for an and Independent Britain and Restore Britain's fish. all are united around the same leave plan (Flexcit).

Although as a campaign the Leave Alliance do lack the big money doners of some of the other camapaigns, it will be going for the lead designation.

It seems there is a tiny glitter of light at the end of the tunnel (I'm just hoping its not a freight train coming my way)