Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quote of the day 11th February 2016

"Here we go again. According to today’s Daily Express, leaving the European Union is the only way to ‘save the NHS’. According to the Prime Minister, remaining a member of the european club is the only way to guarantee the United Kingdom’s security.

"I suppose it is too much to hope that everyone, on both sides of this increasingly-wearisome argument, will pipe down and cease being so damn stupid?

Of course it is."

"The In campaign, then, needs to increase the cost of Brexit. This will, for sure, require some sleight-of-hand and exaggeration. But this, it should be noted, is no more daft than the with-one-bound-we-are-free stuff peddled by the Outers.

"After all, when ordinary people hear the Brexiters shouting about becoming, once again, a ‘free country’ they wonder what on earth these people are talking about. To put it this way, comparatively speaking, the EU’s bondage would be considered tame by any number of former Tory MPs (and, perhaps, some current ones).Give me liberty or give me death’ is all very well but more people just want to be able to get to Magaluf."

"The people in the Out campaign are the In campaign’s greatest weapon. This is harsh on some of them but not harsh enough on many others."

(Three extracts from an article on the depressing rubbish being put out by campaigners on both sides by Alex Massie in the Spectator which you can read here.)

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