Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quote of the day 27th February 2016

A story I was told last night at a dinner:

Shortly after the opening of Eurotunnel a resident of Whitehaven needed to go to Paris for an unspecified length of time on business, so he went to the ticket office at Whitehaven (Bransty) station and asked for a single to Paris.

"What! Where's that?"

"The Capital of France."

"How'do you wanna get there, Marra?"

After much ado he finally got his tickets to London and via Eurostar France, went to Paris, and set to work on the job there. Some three weeks later he was ready to set up his trip home, so he went to the ticket office at Gare du Nord station in Paris and said,

"Can I have a single to Whitehaven, please?"

The gentleman in the office replied "Certainly, M'sieur, Bransty or Corkickle?"


Jim said...

Should have bought a return, its much cheaper :)

Jim said...

I learned that the hard way as well, I was still in the RAF at the time and was doing my trade training course. My car (it was a heap) and it was broken (again) so i decided i would go back to Weston super mare. Did not know when I would next take time off so I bought a single, with the intention to buy a single back home.

The single cost me pretty much the same as a return would have, and the trip home (i actually got a lift to penrith from one of the lads who was going back to Glasgow) but would have cost me the same again.

I said to the lads when i got back to Weston super mare, my car was broken so i had to come back on the train, though i did not know when i would go back to whitehaven so had to buy two single.

This was greeted with laugher and the infamous quote too late "you know you can buy an open ended return Kingy, means you can use it any day you want in the next 6 months, it costs about £5 more than a dated return"

Chris Whiteside said...

Absolutely, but the joke would not work if he could get a return ticket.