Sunday, February 07, 2016

Double standards, continued

On my way into a meeting of Conservative Regional and Area officers yesterday I was asked by a Telegraph reporter what I thought about David Cameron supposedly telling MPs to ignore the grassroots.

So I'm afraid I let him have both barrels for the reasons described in previous post, Double Standards.

DC told MPs that they should support whichever side of the referendum they thought in their heart was right for Britain. He could not have been clearer that this applied to both sides.

I was and am shocked and horrified that he was attacked in the press for saying that, and that his statement was misrepresented as telling MPs to ignore grassroots opinion.

Advising MPs to support what they think is right for Britain does not mean that you should not listen to the grassroots before making up your own mind what that is. It's also what he is being wrongly accused of not doing in some quite vitriolic pieces in the press.

I doubt if this is what the Telegraph wanted to hear and will therefore be pleasantly surprised if this opinion, coming from me or from anyone else, is be published. However, we will have to wait and see.

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