Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Worst of both worlds 7: no need for insults.

Continuing my occasional series of posts highlighting some of the bad arguments or behaviour from both the "Remain" and the rival "Leave" campaigns.

Many people on both sides of the EU "Remain" or "Leave" debate have put their case in a courteous and respectful way. Sadly, others have not.

The latter hit a new low today, from both sides.

One MP tweeted to my excellent Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim today that he should "shush" and "keep out of debate" on Europe - apparently for no better reason than that he is an MEP.

Not the best way for colleagues to communicate with one another.

But this in the European parliament today, from the last remaining Lib/Dem MEP - the only one to survive what was otherwise a wipeout for her party in 2014 - was far worse:

You may have gathered that I don't agree with a lot of the things many supporters of Brexit say, though others have made some good points. I have been tempted to use language like this against some of those on both sides, but for either side to call the other "idiotic" or "like lemmings" will not get us anywhere.

Surely we can do better than this.

Meanwhile one UKIP member has released a video about the referendum which shows ten out of ten for guts and effort, but I'm not so sure about marks for judgement ...


Jim said...

Catherine Beader has a point, and a very valid one too, if she has only spoken to GO, Vote leave, or she has a very valid point indeed.

thats why she needs to read Flexcit so she can see that we have in fact shown her what out looks like.

now can the remain side show us what remain looks like? when will the treaty change revision be that would make DC's "deal" legally binding happen, can we have a date for this please?

then what? You see there is no status quo within the EU, its always pushing little bit at a time, there is no status quo, so a remain plan would be nice to see.

Chris Whiteside said...

Her point that people need to say what "Leave" looks like is indeed a very valid point. My problem is with the fact that she assumed from the fact that she hasn't heard an answer to that question that nobody has put one forward and then calls the other side idiotic.

It's a bit like the point you were making re PMQs - in your comment on the previous post - surely we should be debating the issues in a constructive way rather than just trading insults.