Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Quotes of the day 23rd February 2016

"You have to take your hat off to Corbyn. It’s a work of pure and evil genius to be able to say virtually nothing, but speak in such volumes"

"Jeremy Corbyn eventually appeared on my screen. He had that look he always has when he’s forced to speak to journalists about issues of national importance – the look of a man who’s just been ordered by his wife to put down the crossword and put the bins out."

"Labour’s leader had spoken. He’d spoken utter gibberish, but it didn’t matter because no-one was paying attention. Once upon a time this would have been noteworthy. But in British politics, in 2016, it was just another day with a “y” in it."

"One of his staff had clearly also recognised his EU response was cutting through like a cold knife through titanium, and so given it another shove."

"Forget Trident. Forget shoot-to-kill. Forget printing money until the presses run dry. Nothing Jeremy Corbyn has done or said since he became leader has the potential to do more damage to his party than this. 'Labour, the party that wants to let the immigrants in to soak up Britain’s benefits';.
That’s not some attack line dreamt up by Tory spinners. It’s official Labour Party policy."

(Dan Hodges, in a Telegraph article, "Jeremy Corbyn is completely irrelevant to the EU referendum and still he screws it up.")

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