Sunday, February 21, 2016

Remember, on June 23rd we all have one vote.

When Britain votes on 23rd June whether to remain in the European Union, everyone has one vote whether they hold any office or not.

The PM has one vote. Boris Johnson has one vote. I have one vote, You have one vote. And they will all count the same when the contents of the ballot boxes are added up.

So we should not get too upset about whether any given MP is voting in a particular way.

There was a very silly headline in one of the newspapers today about David Cameron supposedly "going to war" with the cabinet pro-Brexit "rebels."

He's suspended collective responsibility on this one issue and given them a free pass to take a different view. They're not "rebels" for taking him up on it.

The key thing is that David Cameron has put a law through parliament which gives all of us a vote to decide whether Britain's future is inside or outside the EU.

And because EVERY British citizen gets the right to vote, it isn't whether Boris goes for Brexit or Theresa goes for leave which will determine the outcome, or at least no more than what YOU think.

So let's have a constructive debate - I'd like to hear a bit more making a positive case and a bit less insults and scaremongering from both sides - and then it is really important how every one of us votes. Never mind what the MPs say - YOU must vote the way YOU think is best for Britain's future.

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Jim said...

That is such an important point, its one that can not be stressed often enough.

the Legacy media may want their biff baff personality politics, but the reality is one vote each. And it does not matter if you are an MP or even the PM, you get One vote, and nobody's vote carries any more weight than any one else's vote.