Thursday, February 11, 2016

Short Money

The government has backed down on a proposal to cut the "Short Money" given to opposition parties by 19% after a savaging in the House of Commons from - the opposition parties.

What does it say about the Labour party that about the one issue in this parliament where they have succeeded in making a serious challenge to the government has been the money paid to opposition parties (e.g. themselves.)

(On the other issues on which there has been a serious challenge to the government this parliament such as Tax credits, it has come mainly from their own backbenches.)

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Jim said...

What did you expect?

Its often the same in there, the HOC is never more full than for a debate on MPs salaries. Often there is a "pay freeze" in force within the public sector and perhaps an instuction to the private sector to encourage bosses to limit to the inflation target of 2%, then MPs decide they need 17% more.

Of course its about the only thing they would have faught back strongly against.