Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here is a leave campaigner I respect

To balance my previous post about the silly kind of leave campaigner

Andrew Kennedy is a Conservative agent who is currently also campaigning for Brexit in his own time.

He's written a superb piece on his blog here responding to an unfair attack on David Cameron and calling on those who want Britain to leave the EU to campaign actively for this in a positive and constructive way.

If more of the people who want to leave the EU were campaigning honestly and constructively to that end the way Andrew is doing I think the chances of Brexit would be much higher.

(I currently rate the odds at 60:40 for Remain, though it could still very much go either way.)

If all campaigners on both sides were like Andrew we would be having a much better and more constructive debate which would do a lot more good for the country whichever way it goes.

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