Tuesday, July 26, 2016

As ICM gives the Conservatives a 16% lead we must avoid complacency

CON 43% (+4)
LAB 27% (-2)
LD 8% -1
UKIP 13% -1

(Source: ICM)

No, I know, we should not put too much faith in opinion polls, but that is Labour's worst opinion poll score since the nadir of Gordon Brown's premiership in 2009. It is a clear sign of Labour's utter uselessness as an effective opposition.

But that very uselessness is a threat.

The warning for the Conservatives and the country must be that politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

As Disraeli said

There must be no room for complacency.

We must be very careful not to generate our own opposition and to be seen to deal with the very difficult challenges facing the country.

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