Saturday, July 16, 2016

Respecting the dead in Nice and Turkey

A large number of innocent people have been killed in the past forty eight hours in two ghastly events: a massacre by a rogue truck driver in Nice, France which appears to have been an act of terrorism, and fighting in Turkey which appears to have been a failed coup d'√©tat by a faction within the Turkish military.

It is too early to be confident about exactly what happened, and why, in either of these atrocities.

And much, much too early to start using either of these tragic events as arguments in our own domestic arguments here in Britain.

Anyone with the intelligence of the average ten-year-old could easily construct arguments on both sides of several topical arguments in the UK, from Brexit to Trident renewal, from either of these events.

But to do so while the bodies of those who have died are not even cold shows great disrespect to those victims, as well as being ludicrously premature when we have little or no idea who was really behind the coup attempt and whether the murderer of Nice actually had links to DA'ESH or was a lone wolf.

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