Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Building a better Britain: The new chairman of the Conservative Party writes:

From Patrick McLoughlin:

During the past forty years I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Councillor, a Member of Parliament, a Minister and now, appointed by our Prime Minister, Chairman of the Conservative Party.

But for all that time I’ve also been an activist and a member of the Conservative family. Together it is people like us who have changed the party, won elections and delivered for the country.

Working with David Cameron, as many of us did, has left me proud of all that he achieved. And I know the next four years with Theresa May will be just as exciting.

This Party has taken me a long way. I’ve come from the coal mines of Cannock right up to the Cabinet. I’m so proud of what our Party stands for and to be appointed Chairman is an honour.
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Patrick Mcloughlin - Conservative Party Chairman

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