Thursday, July 14, 2016

The New Cabinet

Thanks to John Rentoul of the Indy for this list. Rather more change than I expected although several of those leaving the government do so at their own request.
I've seen it suggested that this is the most far-reaching reshuffle ever by a government of the same party, with only four posts unchanged and a larger number of cabinet ministers leaving the government than in Harold MacMillan's "night of the long knives."
Particularly pleased to see the promotions of my old EAYC colleague James Brokenshire, of David Lidington, and of Damian Green. Also pleased to see Greg Clark's responsibilities expanded to include the energy brief - very impressed by his knowledge of the subject when he visited Copeland during my time as PPC and later Mayoral candidate. Personally sorry to see George Osborne and Nicky Morgan leave the government, but the captain needs to pick her own team.
PS - there were reports that Greg Hands had left the government but actually he is now Minister of State in Liam Fox's new ministry of International Trade. 

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