Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hinkley Point new nuclear plant approval confirmed

As expected, the board of EDF energy has voted to confirm their investment in a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

This is the first new nuclear plant to be approved in Britain for many years. It is great news for Britain and paves the way for the new nuclear plant at Moorside near Sellafield to go ahead, which will be great news for Britain and Cumbria.

As I wrote earlier today, it is imperative that Britain gets cracking on building new power stations if we are not to have power cuts within a decade.

And if we want low carbon generation, and energy for which we are not dependent on the wind or on Vladimir Putin, then new Nuclear build has to be included as part of a balanced energy policy.

Nineteen Conservative MPs have signed a  letter calling for new nuclear power stations and I strongly support them.

John Prescott is supposed to have once asked supporters of new nuclear power stations "Would you want one in your constituency?"

Here in Copeland, the answer is not just "YES" but also "GET ON WITH IT!"

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