Monday, July 11, 2016

Congratulations to Theresa May, our next Prime Minister

Theresa May is now Leader of the Conservative Party and will take over as Prime Minsiter on Wednesday afternoon. This is her speech this evening on having been declared elected as Conservative leader after Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the contest this lunchtime.

I thought all along that we had two good candidates in the final stage of the leadership election and the dignified and responsible way in which Andrea Leadsom announced her decision to withdraw confirmed this, showing that she was putting country before self.

It has been my opinion since the close of nominations that Theresa May was the best candidate to take the country forward in these difficult times. I think she was right to argue against a "coronation" but now that we have one anyway it does at least spare the country weeks of waiting, and means that a refreshed Conservative government can be put in place immediately and start work on implementing both the referendum decision and all the other things in last year's manifesto.

I believe that Theresa May will be a great Prime Minister.


Jim said...

I am not too trusting of MP's at the moment, for which I hope I can be forgiven. However let me just put our case forward in MP language and with any look she will pick up a copy of Flexcit

Chris Whiteside said...

I understand.