Saturday, July 23, 2016

On human memory

Earlier today my wife and I were looking at a few cars which were on sale at various garages at West Cumbria.

The salesman at one garage asked about a car we had previously owned, "Didn't you used to have ..." to which we replied in the affirmative and asked how he knew.

He had sold us the vehicle concerned eleven years ago while working at a different dealership. The details matched too well for his recollection to be a coincidental error rather than an accurate memory.

Is not the human memory an extraordinary thing?


Jim said...

Not really,

"oh, look here is the only mug I managed to sell a montego to"

Chris Whiteside said...

It was a much better car than that!

Chris Whiteside said...

I did get six or seven years of largely trouble-free motoring and eighty thousand miles out of that vehicle, so I don't think I was a mug to buy it.