Monday, July 11, 2016

What was Cameron singing? Was it "The Great Escape?"

I have been trying to work out what David Cameron was singing this afternoon as he turned to make his  way back into Number Ten for one of the last few times as Prime Minister after speaking to the press and telling them he will step down on Wednesday.

I only heard about four notes but each pair of notes did appear to correspond to two of the notes in the first two lines of the main theme tune of "The Great Escape."

Perhaps it took the sound engineers a few seconds to focus their mikes on him, or if he started singing the tune in his head and switched to singing aloud as he approached the door?

He certainly sounded a bit demob happy and I cannot blame him.

My daughter suggested he might have been singing "I'm Free!"

Any other suggestions?

Postscript - suggestions made to me on social media include "What a difference a day makes" and "Time to say goodbye."

Classic FM have done a more serious analysis of what they call "Cameron's Lament" which you can read about at

One of my friends who, unlike me, is not a David Cameron fan said he liked DC more at that moment than at any time during his premiership ...

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