Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cameron the job creator

It is interesting to compare the creation of jobs during David Cameron's premiership with that under his six predecessors. None presided over a faster rate of job creation.


Jim said...

That graph says to me that Thatcher did, between years 4 and 10.

So she presided, for 6 years, over a faster rate of job creation.

but then neither really "created jobs", they just happened to be the PM when the jobs were created.

Jim said...

I can sort of peice it together as a flow in my head, but it would be a more interesting graph to keep the same colours and to tie them together over the entire period, so you would have Wilson then Callaghan then Thatcher etc all following on from each other. this will simply show the economic "boom/bust" cycle.

You can see that "Major" starts on a huge drop, but it can be seen when you look at the end of "Thatcher" and imagine the 2 following on as a continuous line, Major corrects the graph back to the right direction and look what that did for Blair........etc

The HWSNBN "small" dip is due to huge amounts of false interference in the markets, QE and the like. also the rise of global trade, though I am wary and think there is currently a "bubble" in the US dollar. One that is due to burst, so Mrs May's record when that graph is plotted in the future may well not look so pretty.

Chris Whiteside said...

Your caveats are all fair point, but considering what a mess Cameron inherited, to have facilitated that rate of job creation on his watch is still a considerable achievement.