Thursday, July 21, 2016

Quote of the day 21st July 2016

"Don't exercise your freedom of speech until you have exercised your freedom of thought."

(Tim Fargo)


Jim said...

I think the leave alliance did actually engage our "freedom of thought" then Richard Drafted "Flexcit" then we spent 2 years discussing it amongst oursleves and constantly critiquing it, its sort of evolved over this time,

in fact its still "evolving" so now includes the "Lichtenstein option" which of course have opened up to us.

But then the Bubble are very very very good at exercising their "freedom to ignore it"

Chris Whiteside said...

Sadly a lot of people are very good at ignoring things they do not want to hear.

Jim said...

Actually looking at her recent actions, I must say. I think Mrs May is a secret Flexcit reader, You know the kid with the torch under the covers at night.

Its too early too say, but from the early signs i think she will get there in the end. I'm not by any means suggesting she does not need to be "closely watched" but she certainly seems to be headed down the right track.

Straight to Germany, then to France, Impressive Theresa, most impressive. Some good signs from both Merkel and Hollande, though they are both facing re-election soon so cant go too far, but good signs from both to be honest.

Keep your fingers off that article 50 button for now, trigger it later, wise move. Keep the ball in our court. Also was wise to leave "Mr Brexit Davis" and "Boris" at home as well.

Chris Whiteside said...

I'm reasonably impressed with her start and I think she may well have been aware of the Flexcit proposals.

As Angela Merkel obviously realises even though President Holland may not have worked it out yet, it is in nobody's interests to rush this. Once we trigger article 50 we have two years to negotiate terms of exit, and it would be a good idea not to start that before we have worked out the UK's negotiating position, or have the most sensitive parts of those negotiations taking place during the German and French elections.

Jim said...

Hollande does not have the same "wiggle room" as Merkel, the French electorate will take less kindly to him cosying up to the UK, than the Germans will.

But reading between the lines as often do between both his meeting in Ireland and with May, then it wont take much to turn him around after the French election (if he wins) If not, Le Pen wont need any turning.