Friday, July 15, 2016

Thoughts and prayers with the French people and especially those of Nice

There are no adequate words to express my revulsion at the sort of mentality of a person who can imagine that God wants them  to make an indiscriminate attack on civilian populations of men, women and children, regardless of whether the instrument used to kill is a bomb, forearm, edged weapon, or a truck driven into a crowd.

I am sure that all British people, irrespective of whether we voted to Leave or Remain in the EU, will be feeling shock and horror today at the ghastly events in Nice. Today we will all feel sympathy with the people of France.

Anyone with a healthy religious faith - by which I mean one based on love rather than hate and intend no insult to those who are not religious believers - will be praying for the people of France and all the innocent people hurt in Nice and their families.

Last night's events marked another dark day for civilisation. But the terrorists and those who promote their sick ideology cannot be allowed to triumph and will not do so.

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