Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Second quote of the day 13th July 2016

"As I once said, I was the future once."

(David Cameron's last words from the Despatch Box as Prime Minister a few moments ago.

This was a reference to a joke he made ten years ago at PMQs at the expense of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, "He was the future once.")


Jim said...

I never was Dave's biggest fan to be fair (what do you mean you never could have guessed?)

Though these last couple of weeks I have been, He took the greatest defeat ever in the best possible way, he left the office with good grace, well done Dave.

I dont disagree with a lot of the things he has achieved, for example the increase in the income tax theshold & the reduction of the deficit (even if i would have liked it to be reduced more)

Its very odd these days, i gain a massive respect for certain people by how they act on the "death bed". Call me morbid if you like, but it's true.

I never liked Ed Balls one little bit until he lost his job, then I finally saw out of politics he is a really nice bloke. The way DC has taken his fall is an example to us all.

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes, I see what you mean. I have just the same view of Ed Balls - couldn't stand him as a politician but think I would really like him in a context outside politics and was very impressed by how he took his defeat.

As I mentioned on another post, one of my University friends whose views on several issues including Europe are similar to yours said to me on Facebook that he liked David Cameron more when he heard him singing on his way back to number ten on Monday than at any other moment of his premiership!