Saturday, June 03, 2017

A good day's campaigning

Copeland Conservatives had a good 24 hours campaigning. I was in Bigrigg yesterday, and today our team started off in Woodhouse and also covering areas of Mirehouse, Parton, Lowca, Branthwaite, Ullock, and Dean.

(Some of these areas are in the Copeland Borough as well as the Copeland constituency, others are in Allerdale borough but Copeland constituency.)

Everyone in Copeland should at the very least have had some literature from us by now, with the  exception of those who have indicated that they don't want it.  (There are always some people who put up notices saying they don't want any political literature or not to be canvassed,  and we do our best to respect such notices. Most of our deliverers and canvassers also try to avoid calling on or delivering to houses which are displaying a poster for another party.)

We have also knocked on as many doors as possible with the time and people available.

We're trying to get round as much as possible of the constituency in a final push before polling day.

If you are on the electoral register in Copeland and have not had any contact from the Conservatives other than because you don't want to  then please give me a call. I am in the phone book.

Within reason - obviously we are not going to make a special effort to provide more literature to anyone who has posted on social media that they have already had Conservative literature and put it in the bin -  if anyone who we've missed contacts us we will make an effort to get in touch.


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The campaigning was not secret, no.