Boris in Cumbria

The Prime Minister was in Cumbria this afternoon and evening. After a visit to Carlisle earlier in the day Boris Johnson came to Hundy Manor between Whitehaven and Workington and was on sparkling form as he met Conservative activists.

He covered on a wide range of issues but spoke mainly about the situation between Russia and Ukraine, which he and President Biden had discussed on the phone a short while before the meeting.

Obviously one of the main areas of the governments' focus is on the current tensions on the border of Ukraine, as we seek a diplomatic solution to the situation.

  • The crisis on Ukraine’s border has reached a critical juncture with all the information we have suggesting Russia could be a planning an invasion of Ukraine at any moment. This would have disastrous consequences for both Ukraine and Russia.
  • That is why the Prime Minister will continue to speak to world leaders about the situation and will travel to Europe this week. This will build on his discussions last week with the NATO Secretary General and the leaders of the US, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the EU. We also have an RAF squadron on standby to police the skies in NATO’s South East corner.
  • We will continue to provide support to Ukraine as we push for a peaceful solution to tensions in Ukraine, protecting European security


Paul Holdsworth said…
Okay, okay, very funny, I get it.

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