Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine is an appalling and premeditated attack against a sovereign, democratic state – The UK government is determined to make Vladimir Putin feel the full cost of his actions and aims to impose a package of sanctions that will leave no corner of his regime unscathed.

  • Putin's invasion is an unprovoked, illegal and premeditated attack against a sovereign democratic state. Britain has been clear all along that there would be severe cost for any further Russian military incursion into Ukraine.
  • On Thursday, after speaking to President Zelenskyy, the Prime Minister addressed the nation, attended a meeting of G7 leaders and addressed the House and Cabinet – delivering strong assurance of Britain's unwavering support for Ukraine. Yesterday the Prime Minister met Britain's NATO allies. 
  • Alongside our allies, Britain is imposing the largest and most severe package of sanctions that Russia has ever seen, hitting more than a hundred companies and oligarchs at the heart of the Russian economy with assets freezes worth many hundreds of billions of pounds. Through this package we are dealing a significant blow to Russia’s economy, designed to hobble Russia’s military-industrial complex and personally damaging Putin’s inner circle of corrupt oligarchs. 
  • The Transport Secretary has also now signed restrictions prohibiting all scheduled Russian airlines from entering UK airspace and we have announced changes to visa concessions for Ukrainians in the UK, to provide certainty to our Ukrainian friends and colleagues living, working and studying here.
  • Britain will lead by example and will continue to support the Ukrainian Government and its people in the face of this assault on their sovereignty and territorial integrity. We cannot – and will not – rest until the Kremlin Regime pays the price for its actions and Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are restored.
  • Thanks to the heroic resistance of Ukraine's defenders, it appears that the Russian armies have not made the progress they hoped during the first three days of this war. Despite the risk of arrest and victimisation, many brave ordinary Russians have made clear that the war started "Mad Vlad" Putin and his gangster administration is not a war they want and he is not acting in their name. This war may yet be the beginning of the end for Mad Vlad's rule.  


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