Learning the lessons of this pandemic to guard against future ones

The government is investing £200 million in the UK’s fight against zoonotic diseases, so Britain can lead the way in protecting both human and animal health and boost our resistance  to future pandemics.

  • The UK is a world leader when it comes to science and biosecurity, but the outbreak of COVID-19, a zoonotic disease, has reiterated the importance of boosting our  resilience to help prevent future pandemics. 
  • That is why the UK government is investing £200 million, boosting the UK’s fight against zoonotic diseases, revamping the Animal and Plant Health Agency scientific laboratories at Weybridge and providing scientists with the resources and funding they need to continue their world-leading research into existing threats but also future risks to safeguard animal health and the wider public.
  • This will help us to learn the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and arm UK scientists with the resources and skills they need to ensure that we are at the forefront of defence against future pandemics.


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