Standing up for Ukraine

The government has strengthened UK Russian sanctions legislation, and yesterday the Prime Minister met with NATO allies in Brussels and Warsaw, as Britain stands resolute in our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty.

  • The UK has been at the forefront of efforts to curb Russian hostility towards its neighbours – unwavering in our commitment to NATO’s fundamental principles.
  • Yesterday, we strengthened the UK Russian sanctions regime, giving us the strongest sanctions regime we have had against Russia and the power to impose sanctions on Russian businesses and individuals in a wide range of significant sectors, including financial services, even if they are not directly linked to the destabilisation of Ukraine.
  • Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson met the NATO Secretary General in Brussels, where they discussed the need for continued pressure by all NATO members to curb Russian hostility. The Prime Minister also met the Polish Prime Minister and Polish President in Warsaw, stressing the UK’s commitment to European defence and security.
  • The Foreign Secretary visited Moscow where she met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, emphasising the need for Russia to deescalate, ahead of meeting between the Defence Secretary and Russian officials in Moscow today. 

We are resolute in our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and right to self-determination, and we will not hesitate to act to defend European security.


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